Wednesday, July 7, 2010


cover with a new day
waking up, from an already softened blow

Than, Plant
(With full aplomb, mind you)
A plum, behind your year

And soon,
With your hands up
And fingers interlocked you will come to see
what it means to be young again


Life's the infinite simile
symbol free simphony
riddling every little thing
while pivitaly delivering
inspiration at yer doorstep

God's originaly devine performance
hot sauce
where with words
we take shots off
at yer TRUEman show
So we can explore the sets
of where the origens kept.

Now this is America

Now this is America!
Stating again
on the backs of doves turning mid-flight,
my sentiments with a puff of smoke

We perch together.
Watching each-other
watch the days go by diving
into the mouths of monsters and madmen